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Electronic Statements at Your Fingertips

Receive your statements securely through your eBranch. We automatically save up to 18 months of statements for you. No more paper, no more filing, no more worries about friends or family seeing your mail. Online, safe, secure, and organized through your eBranch.


About eStatements
How to Use


Electronic monthly, quarterly, or annual statements are available when you sign up for eStatements. All eStatements are accessed through East Idaho’s eBranch.

  • A free and convenient service for all members

  • Quick, safe, and more secure than a mailed statement

  • Refer back to your statement online as often as necessary

  • Access previous months statements

  • Prevent fraudulent activity through your mailbox

Become a Member
How to Use
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To take advantage of this service, follow the steps below:

  • Visit or sign in at the top of this page

  • Click on “eStatements” in the menu

  • Scroll down to view a list of all your current eStatements

  • Click on a statement to read more or print it

  • Use mini-menu to see settings, disclosures or close