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Your Personal Banking Solution

Anywhere and anytime you need it.

Log Into Online Banking

Too busy to come see us? With East Idaho Credit Union’s eBranch we come to you. eBranch is your branch where you can kick back and handle your finances from your own home or office.

  • Check your online balance

  • View your history, including check images

  • Make transfers between accounts

  • Pay bills online, 24/7

Transfer 24/7 365

You can make seamless transfers between your EICU accounts whenever you need to, wherever you need to. We even let you transfer to your account at other institutions. Have loans with East Idaho Credit Union? You can transfer your loans to make your payments too.

Bill Pay

Working and paying bills is part of growing up. Now buying stamps doesn’t have to be. Pay your bills anytime with Bill Pay through your eBranch. With our mobile app you can use Bill Pay anywhere you go. East Idaho Credit Union Bill pay offers you:

  • Control. You decide who gets paid, how much and when. You can pay anyone even your baby sitter with Bill Pay. Bills don’t get paid until you authorize them.

  • Security. Help reduce the risk of identity theft that comes with lost or stolen bills. Password-protected security helps to keep your information safe.

  • Convenience. Receive reminders for when your bills are due. Pay all your bills from one place. Now with our mobile app you can pay a bill anywhere at any time.

Share Access

Your eBranch gives you the ability to grant account access to those you trust –allowing them to view account information, track transaction history, or make payments on your behalf. You choose what they can see and do.


Why limit the greatness of your eBranch to your East Idaho accounts? FinanceWorks is your personal finance manager. Never wonder where your money is going again. Never log in to site after site to get your balance. Look no further than your East Idaho eBranch.

  • Aggregate your accounts across more than 19,000 financial intuitions. See your loans, credit cards, investment accounts all within your East Idaho eBranch. See your balance and transaction data all in one place.

  • See where your money is going across all your accounts. FinanceWorks tracks your spending and savings. It even categorizes your transactions for you.

  • With easy tracking comes easy budgeting. Set a budget to get ahead in life. See where you sit with your budget at all times across all your accounts.


  • View account balances on all your checking, savings and loan accounts

  • Transfer funds within the same account or to a different account

  • Make loan payments

  • Withdraw funds and a check is sent directly to you

  • View detailed account history on all checking, savings and loan accounts

  • View images of your original written checks

  • View copies of your monthly statements (available when you sign up for eStatements)

  • Quicken users: Version 2004 or older is needed to download from eBranch history