Take Control of Your Card

Control all your East Idaho Credit Union debit and credit cards from your mobile app or on eBranch.

Choose how and where your card works. Don’t want your card to work internationally? Or to work online? Or for purchases more than $150? You can do that and so much more with Card Control. Manage real time alerts on your card transactions. Get alerted every time your card is used or pick and choose the alerts you get based off the amount you spend, where you spend, or how your card is used. Card Control lets you take control of your card.


How to use


Mobile App

  • Log in to the Mobile App
  • Tap More

  • Tap Card Control

  • Accept the Terms and Conditions


  • Click SIGN IN at the Top of This Page and Login to eBranch
  • Click Additional Services
  • Click Card Control
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions

With ten merchant types you can pick and choose where your card works.

Before you hand your card to your teenager for gas, lock it down so they can only use the card at gas stations or keep the lunch money from being spent at the department store.

You are in control.

Control how your card is used with five different transactions types.

Turn your card into an ATM card by blocking everything but ATM. Keep online transactions turned off until you are ready to make that purchase on Amazon. Set your card so it only works in-store.

Take control of how your card is used.

This control allows you to block all international transactions.

When you are ready to take that big trip turn them back on.

You control how much can be spent on your card at one time.

Make sure your princess doesn’t spend more than $200 on that dress. Stop a fraudster from making that $500 charge. Keep your card limit down, then raise it or turn the control off when you need to make that once a year large purchase for $1,500. Note you cannot raise your limit above the credit unions daily limits.


You control how, where, and for what amount your card can be used, all in real time. 

Turn your card off to block all transactions except reoccurring ones. Turn your card back on when you are ready to use it. Rename your cards to easily tell them apart. Control each card the way you want it.  


You control the how, where, and why you get alerted.

As for when? It’s real time the way it should be. Turn on all alerts to receive an alert every time one of your cards is used or pick and choose which cards you want to be alerted on. Don’t want an alert every time the card is used? You control which alerts you want to receive.  

Control how you receive your real time alerts.

Choose between push notification, text message, or an email.

Have a different preference for your different cards? You control the delivery option for each card individually.  

You control why you’re alerted the same way you control how and where your card works.

You can choose to receive a real time alert every time one of your cards is used or you can pick and choose. Limit your alerts to certain types of merchants. Only receive an alert if it’s an online transaction. Always forget when those reoccurring transactions come through? Get an alert to remind you when the power bill gets charged to your card. Find out if your card is used internationally. Only receive alerts over a set dollar amount that you get to pick. You choose which alerts you want or don’t want.