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A Mobile App to Manage Your Card.

Anywhere. Anytime.

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Card Control

Think of it as your electronic wallet service. The goal is to allow you to send, receive and store money using your mobile phone. If you want to receive an alert anytime you make a purchase, along with other amazing benefits, MobiMoney is for you.

Instant Alerts


Get instant alerts according to what your preferences are. Purchases, transfers, etc. Whatever it is, you are in control!

Organize Receipts


All of your receipts are stored right in your phone. You can even keep your business and personal purchases separated from one another.

Location Controls

With MobiMoney, you can set defined regions on where your card can be used, link the card to the GPS on your phone and even block all international purchases altogether.

Set Spending Limits

Sometimes you spend more than you mean to, we all do it. Set spending limits with different categories to make sure that you stay on top of your budget.

Loss Prevention

If your card is lost or stolen, just turn it OFF. It is that simple.