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As a member of East Idaho Credit Union, you have access to all of the core financial services that we offer. These services are designed to make your life easier, so you can focus on the more important things. Choose the category that you want to learn more about and see how it can improve your financial situation. Some of the services offered may not even focus on your finances, but benefits to your everyday life.

If you have any questions, visit one of your local branches or call us at (800)727-9961.

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Member services are offered to you, just for being a member of East Idaho Credit Union. Some services have been offered since 1935, and we are always looking to offer better & newer things to you every single day. These services are what you would expect a credit union to offer it’s members, and so much more.

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Our Online Services are a way to skip your next branch visit. These services are designed to simplify your financial life. Take advantage of services like eBranch, our mobile app, eStatements and so much more. When you are looking for a financial institution that wants to help you succeed, know that EICU provides you the tools.

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Only East Idaho Credit Union has benefits for you that you actually want to use. We are from East Idaho, and we know what is fun and what is important. These are benefits that we use ourselves, so know that they can actually be very useful to you. Some examples include: Free credit reports, TurboTax, Lagoon tickets, Movie tickets… with more to come.

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We offer financial calculators to help you succeed. Use our loan calculators to help determine which loan is best for you. Our Mortgage calculators will help you find the right monthly payment. Learn about interest and solidify that savings account with our savings calculator. Keep your finances on track and be ready for anything that comes your way.

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Here’s a tip. Take a look at some of the more common questions asked before you give us a call or make a visit to your local branch. Hopefully this will help save you some time and headache when you run into a problem down the road.

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