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Our Low Rate Loans Really Do Save You Money

If you’re hunting for a way to save money, East Idaho Credit Union guarantees they can save you some doe, or we’ll give you $50 bucks. Our low rate auto loans and in-house mortgages will give you extra money every month, or we’ll give you $50. Stop by your nearest East Idaho Credit Union branch or give us a call at (800)727-9961.


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East Idaho Credit Union has car loan rates that are near record lows. As a result, you could save thousands in interest. The Credit Union offers excellent rates and terms on a wide variety of car loans for your new or pre-owned cars. If you are looking to refinance your car loan, East Idaho Credit Union makes it easy to switch and start saving money every single month because of how we do business.

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Take advantage of our flexible loan terms and rates you can not afford to miss when you are looking for your next home. Once we find out what your home loan and mortgage goals are, we can help make it happen. We offer a fast and easy process to help you get into your new home without hassle. Backed by Centennial Lending, get your next mortgage from local people you can trust. It seems like there isn’t a better option out there.

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Some restrictions apply. East Idaho Credit Union is federally insured by NCU and is an Equal Housing Opportunity Lender. Offer expires 9/30/2019.