The DRGN SLYR Podcast was created to provide insight into the lives of successful business men and woman. East Idaho Credit Union believes in building a better life and our business community is one in which we are invested in. DRGN SLYR was inspired by the ideology of all successful people have overcome obstacles in their career and have had to slay dragons to get to where they are. This podcast dives into learning about all the dragons that have been slayed throughout one’s career.

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Steven Foster

Steven is the Chief Marketing Officer at East Idaho Credit Union. He comes from a long background of high growth companies, small startups and not for profits. He has been an integral part of multiple billion-dollar valuations and exits. He is in love with complex problems, how to overcome them and the lessons that can be learned from them. He values mentorship and community, which is why he started this podcast. DRGN SLYR is all about sharing the amazing moments of overcoming adversity in the business world and personal lives of its guests. It offers those moments as a resource for people looking for inspiration, wisdom and a roadmap for success. Steven also moonlights as a cowboy, ultra-runner and father.

Want to join the podcast? We are looking for individuals to tell us their own stories about the dragons they have slain.

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