The DRGN SLYR Podcast was created to provide insight into the lives of successful business men and woman. East Idaho Credit Union believes in building a better life and our business community is one in which we are invested in. DRGN SLYR was inspired by the ideology of all successful people have overcome obstacles in their career and have had to slay dragons to get to where they are. This podcast dives into learning about all the dragons that have been slayed throughout one’s career.

Recent Episodes

Episode #1

Travis is living proof that obstacles in your life don’t have to define you and can help shape where you want to go and how you want to get there. Some of the most successful people have had to slay dragons along the way to get to where they are. This episode dives into the story of Travis.

Episode #2

Christine aka the Frugal Fit Mom has built a following from scratch and tells her story of how she got there. Building half a million followers doesn’t happen over night. In fact, through trial and error she found that her original videos on YouTube weren’t getting her more than a couple views. This episode dives into the Frugal Fit Mom, her story, and what dragons she has slain along the way to get to where she is today as an influencer. An idahoan whose story is truly inspiring, shows you that with hard work and determination you can achieve your dreams.

Episode #3

Dan Thurman, CEO and President of East Idaho Credit Union, started as a loan officer but worked all the way to the top. In just 5 years, he has doubled the asset size of the credit union that was founded in 1935. Dan tells his story and shares insight about his leadership that has helped develop a thriving culture. His story in not only inspiring but proves that hard work, determination, and humbling yourself can get you where you want to go in your career.

Episode #4

Carlie Wood and Ashley Hunt are Owner’s of Woven Inclusive Boutique+Brand. These childhood besties reconnected just years ago after being disconnected for many years. This episode dives into their story of their success and how they’ve come together to build something incredible. They not only have created a thriving business that launched in 2020 during COVID-19, but have many other business ventures. They are public figures with large followings on different social media platforms. Tune in for some raw and authentic advice and stories.

Episode #5

Jenna Johnson is one of the BEST teachers of taking ownership of your own life. She is the owner of two thriving businesses; Jenna Johnson Artistry as well as The Experience. She has been featured on Good Morning America, given a TEDx Talk and is now taking the hard climb with hundreds of women with hope to help them achieve the beginning foundation of growth, self confidence and grit. Tune in NOW to learn how choosing the hard climb can help YOU get ahead for the things that you don’t ask for in life.

Teasha Buxton

Episode #6

Teasha Buxton calls herself a human collector in a non-murderous way. You may be wondering what exactly she means here…. don’t worry, she explains this successful skill that has led to entrepreneurial success during this episode! Teasha is not only a successful entrepreneur, but a leader in her industry who has attracted women from all over to travel into Idaho to learn from her. She is the owner of The Sun Gun Tanning and is also the founder of the Hustle Project. She has spent years learning about what it takes to own and operate a successful business.


Episode #7

Eric Torres-Garcia from Blackfoot, Idaho invented the Cocoa Bomb TM in December 2019 and saw immediate unexpected viral success on TikTok. After only ever making one Cocoa Bomb, he faced many challenges after receiving thousands of orders overnight. Eric is an amazing example of a young entrepreneur who has had to slay many dragons to get to where he’s at today. He now has products in Kroger stores across the United States, has written a book, and is doing some REALLY BIG things.

Episode #8

Candace Jones is the owner of Hip Sip in Ammon, ID. She’s built an incredible brand over the last year and a half and it can be said that her marketing mind is top-notch. She’s created a business that is more about the experience; but they just also happen to have great drinks as well. People may forget what you did but they will never forget how you made them feel and the experience at Hip Sip is creating an environment that everyone wants to be a part of.

episode 9

Episode #9

In 6 years, Chynna Hansen has taken her graphic tee business from her basement Etsy shop to a 12,000 sq. ft. warehouse. Little Mama Shirt Shop ships thousands of orders each month to mamas all across the world. During this episode, she dives into what has made her business so successful in the last 6 years. She talks about the mentality it takes to expand your business and to “let it grow.” She lives by the mentality of feeling fear and doing it anyway. Chynna has mastered social media to reach a larger audience and talks about how she has utilized influencer marketing to be a win-win-win.

Taylor and Marcela Kerbs

Episode #10

Taylor and Marcela Kerbs have built several successful businesses and have systemized each one to work efficiently. Systems and Ops sounds so boring but they have made it simple to+ implement. They believe a successful business doesn’t need you present day in and day out but rather there to put the right people in place and to move the needle. Marcela talks about not needing to work 60 or even 30 hours a week but rather creating a more flexible work life balance as an entrepreneur. They have simplified building a business and share their story here!

Meet Your Host

Steven Foster

Steven is the Chief Marketing Officer at East Idaho Credit Union. He comes from a long background of high growth companies, small startups and not for profits. He has been an integral part of multiple billion-dollar valuations and exits. He is in love with complex problems, how to overcome them and the lessons that can be learned from them. He values mentorship and community, which is why he started this podcast. DRGN SLYR is all about sharing the amazing moments of overcoming adversity in the business world and personal lives of its guests. It offers those moments as a resource for people looking for inspiration, wisdom and a roadmap for success. Steven also moonlights as a cowboy, ultra-runner and father.