Dealer Upload

The Dealer Upload provides a convenient and secure way to provide your loan documents to East Idaho Credit Union.

Documents Needed

Documents must be clear, legible, and in order:

  • Credit Application (signed by all borrowers)
  • Verifiable References (cannot reside in the same household as the applicants)
  • NADA and/or Invoice
  • Retail Installment Contract (front & back)
  • Agreement to Provide Insurance (signed by all borrowers)
  • Service Contract/GAP/other products (signed by all borrowers)
  • Purchase Order (signed by all borrowers and dealership rep)
  • Title Application with EICU listed as lienholders or copy of front/back of title (if out-of-state)
  • Credit Score Disclosure Notice (signed by all borrowers)
  • Copy of the first page of the Dealer Credit Report (if using for pricing)
  • Verification of Income (if requested)
  • Any documents required to satisfy any imposed condition(s)
  • EICU Membership Application (signed by all borrowers)
  • Copy of valid Driver’s License (must be visible, clear, and legible)

Upload Your Documents

Please ensure that your files use descriptive titles. For example: Customer last name, first name (Doe, Jane)

To upload your documents below, you must:

  • Fill out your Dealership Name
  • Drag your files to the “Upload Files” box (or select “Browse” and locate the file on your computer)
  • Select the Upload button

When your file has successfully been uploaded, you will see “File uploaded successfully” below to the file name.

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