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We aren’t just a Credit Union, we are your Neighbors, Partners and Trusted Advisors
We care about this community because we are from here too. We can’t wait for you to join us in changing East Idaho for the better.


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Call us: (800)727-9961

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Sure, there are other financial institutions out there. But they don’t know our communities like we do. We’ve been a part of East Idaho since 1935.

Our difference is in the way we treat our members. We invest in the lives of our members by providing caring, knowledgeable, and helpful service. We can walk beside you through your financial journey because we not only care about where you’re going, but where you’re coming from. Our roots are deep and our branches are strong. It’s time to share that difference with the communities that we serve. Let’s make our voices heard!

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At East Idaho Credit Union, we offer some of the most technologically advanced and easy-to-use benefits to each of our members. Our mission is to provide quality products and services that are of value to our members. Our vision is to be our members’ financial services provider of choice, and we can only do that by providing everything you need to be successful.

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  • Keith Turner Avatar

    Hercules was wonderful. He was extremely helpful. We were dealing with a.complicated situation. He was patient. Took the time to... read more

    Keith Turner 3/31/2021
    J Williams Avatar

    Great experience at East Idaho Credit Union. Hercules was amazing to work with and very patient with the multiple... read more

    J Williams 3/31/2021
    Lexah Thompson Avatar

    Great credit union, Kind staff!

    Lexah Thompson 3/13/2021
  • Irene Rodriguez Avatar

    I fell valued and honor everything was explaining to me in detail.

    Irene Rodriguez 1/24/2021
    Viola Martinez Avatar

    Excellent Customer Service, Kind, easy process opening a account. Very Pleased to do business with East Idaho Credit Union 😊

    Viola Martinez 1/13/2021
    Aaron Steffler Avatar

    Very professional and fair with the pricing of their products. Quality products and excellent customer service. Doing business here is... read more

    Aaron Steffler 1/08/2021
  • Angella Lamb Avatar

    Amazing! I love the people at this place! They are always so helpful!

    Angella Lamb 1/07/2021
    Scott Norr Avatar

    Crystal was VERY PROFESSIONAL and VERY HELPFUL! Outstanding customer service from the moment we walked in to set... read more

    Scott Norr 12/10/2020
    mimi Rosenkrance Avatar

    Always answers my questions. Always happy faces

    mimi Rosenkrance 12/03/2020
  • Seth Burkholder Avatar

    Friendly, Helpful and most importantly knowledgeable Would describe East Idaho Credit Union! Thank you Crystal And Giselle for... read more

    Seth Burkholder 11/18/2020
    Sumerli Lynch Avatar

    Crystal was phenomenal in helping my husband and I with our multiple banking needs today. She was professional, friendly, and... read more

    Sumerli Lynch 11/18/2020
    Brandi Cutler Avatar

    Love our arco branch!

    Brandi Cutler 11/07/2020
  • Kris Hamilton Avatar

    Always polite, kind and helpful. Appreciate the people at my branch.

    Kris Hamilton 11/05/2020
    aviana patron Avatar

    great service!
    everyone is super kind and it’s fast and easy!

    aviana patron 11/04/2020
    Alondra Patron Avatar

    everyone was so helpful when i went to open my account and i got my card the same day. the... read more

    Alondra Patron 11/04/2020
  • Zach Rigby Avatar

    They are a huge part of the community. Great people and a great credit union. They care more than the... read more

    Zach Rigby 10/14/2020
    Liz Barnes Avatar

    My family has banked with EICU since 1992 and there’s so many reasons I chose to continue using them for... read more

    Liz Barnes 9/18/2020
    Steve Rutt Avatar

    I love my bank they have helped me in so many ways including loans! Bailee Ziebarth is so awesome and... read more

    Steve Rutt 9/15/2020
  • Macey Angell Avatar

    Jarris is so helpful and makes banking with EICU easy!

    Macey Angell 9/09/2020
    A Google User Avatar

    Jarris is so helpful and makes banking with EICU easy!

    A Google User 9/09/2020
    Leo Doran Avatar

    Great good service very polite

    Leo Doran 9/05/2020
  • Aaron Roberts Avatar

    I had a fraud transaction on my account, and went into a local branch, and the employees spent 3-4 hours... read more

    Aaron Roberts 9/03/2020
    Sephlin Hepworth Avatar

    Great customer service!!!

    Sephlin Hepworth 9/02/2020
    Kathy Woodhouse Avatar

    I have banked with the cu for 20 yrs and they are always very friendly and helpful for whatever needs... read more

    Kathy Woodhouse 8/15/2020
  • A Google User Avatar

    I have banked with the cu for 20 yrs and they are always very friendly and helpful for whatever needs... read more

    A Google User 8/15/2020
    Randy Ortiz Avatar

    Super fast and professional service!
    My man Hercules!!!!

    Randy Ortiz 8/04/2020
    Michael Puhl Avatar

    Michael Puhl 7/29/2020
  • kami corrigan Avatar

    Very clean and very good service

    kami corrigan 7/23/2020
    Faye Rankin Avatar

    We always use EICU Salmon Branch for any financial needs. All of the ladies there are always extremely polite, knowledgeable,... read more

    Faye Rankin 7/15/2020
    jeff rhodes Avatar

    Friendly helpful people, quick service. They print their own credit/debit cards to so you don't have to wait a week... read more

    jeff rhodes 7/14/2020
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About Us - H1


Our Mission – “To be an active participant in the financial success of our members.”

Our Vision – “To become our members financial services provider of choice.”

Our Values – “Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Knowledge & Fun”

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We’ve already done all the hard work for you because we know one of the hardest parts of switching is where to start. If you are looking to switch, use this section to gather all the materials you will need to make the easy switch to East Idaho Credit Union.

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