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Card Management

Controle todas sus tarjetas de débito y crédito de East Idaho Credit Union desde su aplicación móvil o en eBranch.


Card Management lets you take control of your card. Choose how and where your card works. Don’t want your card to work internationally, online, or for purchases over $150? You can do that and so much more with Card Management.

Now available in eBranch and the Mobile App!

  • Quickly turn your cards on or off

  • Manage real-time alerts on card transactions

  • Easily create travel notification when leaving the US

  • Report cards as lost or stolen

  • Y mucho más.


About Card Management

Card Status

Quickly turn your card on or off with the click of a button.

Report Lost/Stolen

Let us know if you need to terminate the card and get a new one.

Set Travel Notices

We use this information to make sure your cards aren’t declined while you are traveling. You can set a travel notice for up to 1 month.

Card Nicknames

Rename your cards in eBranch or the app to whatever you like.

Alerts and Controls

You can choose to receive a real time alert every time one of your cards is used or you can pick and choose.

Delivery Notifications

Choose between a push notification, text message, or email. You control the delivery option for each card individually.