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Préstamo para la defensa de la energía

Un Préstamo para la Defensa de la Energía proporciona fondos para que los propietarios realicen mejoras de eficiencia energética en sus hogares.


An Energy Defense Loan provides funds for homeowners to make energy-efficient improvements to their homes. We are as local as the seasons, and we want to help you prepare for each one that Idaho throws at us.

Use an Energy Defense Loan for energy-efficient home improvements, including:

  • Windows
  • Puertas

  • Pellet & wood stoves

  • Aislamiento

  • Weather stripping

  • Air conditioning

  • Furnace or heat pumps

  • Techo

Tasas de defensa de la energía

Término APR*
Hasta 7 años 5.90% to 10.25%

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Energy Defense APR ranges between 5.90% to 10.25%. $500 Minimum, $32,000 Maximum. Rates, terms, and conditions based on creditworthiness, qualifications, loan amounts, and verifiable gross household income. All loans subject to approval. Improvements must be for homeowner’s primary residence. Loan proceeds directly payable to the installers and retailers of weatherization activities and products. Loan use is for weatherization and/or energy efficiency purposes only, including purchasing approved appliances. Primary Residence Mortgage Loan must be current. East Idaho Credit Union is an Equal Opportunity Lender.

Feature Benefit
Elegibilidad Primary Residence
Applicant must be employed or be receiving qualifying fixed income at the time the loan is funded
Must be located in Idaho
Must be current on primary mortgage
Manufactured Homes are eligible only if on a foundation
Términos Up to 84 Months (7 years)
Payments will be principal and interest payments
Credit Score required to determine qualified interest rate
Fixed Interest Rates
Préstamo a valor El importe y el plazo máximos del préstamo se determinarán en función de los ingresos brutos de la familia
Importes de los préstamos Minimum of $500
Maximum of $32,000
Tasas No Origination Fee
No Annual Fee
Anticipos de crédito Todos los fondos se adelantan y se pagan directamente al contratista (en la mayoría de los casos)
Usos Energy Efficient Home Improvements including but not limited to;
Energy Efficient Windows and Doors
Insulation replacement or augmentation
Weather stripping and other energy efficient materials
Energy efficient water heaters, heat pumps/furnaces
Pellet and wood stove additions or replacements
Roof replacements