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Supplying Local Children with New Shoes

Coins for Christmas is an on-going fundraising and benefit program administered in Eastern Idaho by East Idaho Credit Union. The program currently provides an opportunity for adults and children of all ages to donate their spare pocket change to fund the purchase of new shoes for other less fortunate children in Eastern Idaho.


About The Program
How to Donate
Refer a Child


Every year children go with out the basic necessities. Over the past 30 years, East Idaho Credit Union has made an effort to help put shoes on the feet of local children. That is what Coins for Christmas is all about. Your donations help buy shoe vouchers for local kids, who otherwise would go without. Thank you for all the effort you put in this year, and lets make it a great 2017! Schools all around Eastern Idaho work very hard to raise money for Coins for Christmas every year. It is a longstanding tradition that East Idaho Credit Union strives to keep thriving.

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Every single year local members and non-members of East Idaho Credit Union donate to the Coins for Christmas Program. If you wish to donate, please visit your local branch or use the link below to donate with a debit or credit card.


Currently, the only way for a child to receive new shoes from the Coins for Christmas Program is to have it referred by a qualified individual. The reason for this is to make sure that the shoes are going to those children that really need it. But don’t worry, if the child is in need it’s easy! Please contact contact the child’s school counselor or social worker and they will submit the request on the child’s behalf. Most school counselors and social workers in the area are already familiar with the program and the appropriate steps to take.