Three Great Ways Membership Pays with Sprint®

It’s Sprint’s best Credit Union Member Cash Rewards offer ever!

Looking for a great plan and a little extra cash? East Idaho Credit Union members can tap into the Sprint Unlimited Plan and these amazing cash rewards.

  1. Members can get a $100 CASH REWARD for every new line you activate with Sprint.
  2. Current Sprint customers get a $50 cash reward for every new line transferred into Sprint Credit Union Member Cash Rewards.
  3. You’ll get a $50 loyalty cash reward every year for every line.
  4. Plus, credit union members are eligible for 25% off accessories with the Sprint Credit Union Member Cash Rewards program.

Plus, enjoy Sprint’s reliability, which now beats T-Mobile and performs within 1% of AT&T and Verizon*. You can also enjoy a great price for fully featured Unlimited.


  • Become a Sprint customer and mention you’re a credit union member
  • Register at
  • Allow up to six to eight weeks to see cash rewards directly deposited into your credit union account

Get all the BENefits of credit union membership. Click here to sign up today!

*Claim based on Sprint’s analysis of latest Nielsen drive test data for average network reliability (voice & data) in top 106 markets.

Sprint Credit Union Member Cash Rewards

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