Ammon Days couldn’t have gone better for us, as well as the community. We want to start off by saying thank you to everyone who was involved. There are others that went under the radar and still made the whole thing possible, but a special thank you to:

  • The Community
    • You were the reason that we did this in the first place. Everyone was thrilled to interact with everyone who came, and those that reminded us that we have the best jobs out there. Thank you.
  • The Members
    • We had members come up to us throughout the entire day and thank us for all that we have done for them. One thing that we like to remind those who choose us as their credit union – This is your bank too. That means a lot to us.
  • The Employees
    • A round of applause for all of those employees of EICU that came out on Saturday and helped. There was never a lack of hands to go around. Let’s not forget about the friends and spouses of employees that came out to help as well. We see you :)
  • The City of Ammon
    • Thank you Ammon for allowing this event to happen, and to dedicate so much time and resources to make sure that it went amazing. We look forward to doing it again!