A Debit Card
That Rewards You!

Get Your Rewards

Your CURewards®

It’s time your debit card starts giving back to you. East Idaho Credit Union has made that possible through our new and improved rewards system. Every single time you perform a transaction using your East Idaho Credit Union Visa® debit card you earn CURewards points. The more you swipe the more you earn!

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Redeeming your CUReward points for cash starts at a minimum of 5,000 points for $50. Cash rewards are then deposited into your EICU account 3-5 business days after you have submitted your request.

To redeem your points for gift cards visit www.curewards.com for a full list of trusted retailers you want to exchange points through. Now you can let the benefits of using your debit card pay for your shopping without touching any of your own hard earned money.

If you are looking to get away for a little bit, CURewards has got you covered. Redeem your points for flights, hotels, cars, vacations and experiences. Your dream vacation just got a lot cheaper!

Exchanging your CUReward points for merchandise is another great way to earn. Merchandise includes, but is not limited to personal, electronics, recreation, housewares, books, music, movies and games. To  see a full list of redeemable merchandise visit www.curewards.com.

If you would rather use the money you earn to give back, East Idaho Credit Union and CURewards is proud to announce that you can redeem your points by giving money to a local charity. To learn more and to donate today visit www.curewards.com.

Our rewards system has been carefully tailored to fit the needs and wants of our members while making it quick and simple to earn. Once you have registered through CURewards you are automatically earning points every time you use your debit card. Swiping your card on everyday items such as gas and groceries still earns you points without any extra hassle. When you have to spend your money on things you aren’t very excited about, we are here to help make it a little more appealing.

Earn Rewards with CURewards
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To start earning points follow the steps below:

Visit: www.curewards.com and click on “Register” within the “Register Here” area
Enter 110026 + your East Idaho Credit Union account number, preceded by as many zeroes as needed to make the account number 10 digits.

If your account number is 34567, your CURewards account number is 1100260000034567
If your account number is 23456789, your CURewards account number is 1100260023456789

Create a username and password
Once you have created your account and have been registered, you will access your account at curewards.com using your username and password you have created.

Our members are our first priority and we love hearing from you, so when it’s time to redeem your points we are just as excited as you are and would love to hear about how you are using your rewards.