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Cruise into the summer with lower monthly payments by refinancing with EICU! Not only is it easy to refinance with us, it’s free! With no application fee and 120 days until your first payment, we are excited to help you get started.


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Get more from your Auto Loan
Not only could our competitive rates save you thousands in interest, we offer a variety of other benefits to help you get the most out of your auto loan.

  • 120 Days No Payments (That’s 4 months!)

  • No Application or Loan Processing Fees

  • Flexible Terms
  • No Pre-Payment Penalties
  • Automatic Payments Available

  • Loan Protection Products Available

  • Credit Life & Disability Insurance Available

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Model Year Term Rate
New (New-2017) 60 Months
66 Months
72 Months
78 Months
84 Months
2.99% to 13.73%
3.04% to 13.78%
3.14% to 15.03%
3.74% to 16.03%
4.74% to 17.03%
Used (2016-2013) 60 Months
66 Months
72 Months
78 Months
3.13% to 13.88%
3.20% to 13.95%
3.32% to 15.25%
4.07% to 16.30%
Used (2012-2010) 60 Months
66 Months
72 Months
3.83% to 16.38%
3.95% to 17.23%
4.07% to 17.33%
Used (2009 & Older) 66 Months 5.03% to 17.23%
Rates published are “best” available rates and may differ based on your financial situation. All rates are quoted as the Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Approved rates are based on credit worthiness, loan term, and collateral (if any). Online rate schedule may not reflect most current rate changes and are subject to change without notice. Please verify rates with your local branch for complete accuracy. APR will be calculated based on the amount financed and the term of the loan.
Rates effective as of April 1st, 2020.


Our Car loan rates are near record lows, meaning you could save thousands in interest. It is important to rate shop because you never know where you are going to get the best car loan rates. As a credit union, we make sure the best car loan rates are there for you.

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*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. No fee to refinance. Loan subject to qualification based on credit worthiness and collateral eligibility. Monthly payment based on qualifying rate and term. Restrictions may apply. Loans currently financed at East Idaho Credit Union are not eligible. EICU is an Equal Opportunity Lender.