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Even the Youngest Members are Important.

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AClassic Savings account accompanies club membership and saving is encouraged using a Savings Goal Program. The purpose of the club is to teach children the value of saving and expand their knowledge of money and finances. The club will help build a solid foundation for saving as our young members grow into adults.

Woodruff Wolf Pack is as simple as becoming a member and opening a Classic Savings account (which we like to call a “Woodruff Wolf Pack”). When a child opens their account, they receive a Wolf Pack membership card and a special gift for becoming a member.

Woodruff Wolf Pack combines fun activities with saving money. Woodruff the Wolf is the mascot of the club and he loves to plan fun activities for club members. Activities include coloring contests, quarterly drawings for cash, an annual Youth Savings Week celebration and other fun activities.member.

Parents or guardians are strongly advised to encourage their children to actively participate in club activities. The more involved the child becomes, the more they can watch their savings grow. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other family members often give children money for birthdays, holidays, and special events. Encourage your child to deposit this money, or a portion of it, into their Wolf Pack account to help them reach their savings goals.