Looking For a New Way to Save?

This new savings account is kind of a big dill!

Our free Pickle Jar Savings Account attaches directly to your debit card and rounds up each transaction to the nearest dollar. The difference will automatically be added to your Pickle Jar each day and you’ll be adding up savings without even trying!


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Do you have a change jar at home, where you dump all your extra pennies, dimes, and nickels? 

Our new Pickle Jar Savings Account works in the same way, it allows you to take all your extra change from your debit card transactions and dumps it into a separate savings account.  

We make it easy to fill your Pickle Jar and to sweeten the deal, you’ll be earning dividends at the same rate as our Money Market.

Start filling your Pickle Jar today!

  • Free to Enroll!

  • Limited Transfers to Checking
    *Subject to Regulation D Limits

  • Earns dividends/interest at the same rate as our Money Market

Pickle Jar Savings Rates
Account Rate Annual Percentage Yield (APY)* Minimum
Pickle Jar Savings 0.10% Compounded Monthly 0.10% $0


Take a look at our deposit rates to learn how much your Pickle Jar Savings Account could earn you!


Use our savings calculators to determine what your savings account might yield. It helps to determine how much you will save as well as how much you can afford. Using a savings calculator is always a great idea. If you need help, our employees will be happy to go over everything with you.

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Pickle Jar Savings Disclosure 

a. East Idaho Credit Union (we) will round up the amount of qualifying debit card purchases (online or point-of-sale) to the next whole dollar and transfer the excess amount from your Checking account to your Pickle Jar Savings. We will aggregate the rounded-up amounts and make a single transfer at the end of each day. 

b. If any of the following occur, we will not round up purchases posted and will cancel the daily round-up transfer for that day. 

  • If you do not have available funds in your Checking account 
  • If your available Checking account balance is less than $50.00 or a round up transfer would reduce your balance to less than $50.00 
  • Whole dollar transactions will not be rounded and will not result in a transfer

c. If your debit card purchase is subsequently cancelled or reversed, such as a returned purchase, the corresponding daily round-up transfer will remain in your Pickle Jar Savings. 

d. We reserve the right to cancel or close the Pickle Jar Savings at any time. Business accounts are not eligible. 

e. Please refer to our Rate and Fee Schedule for interest rate information.