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AccountCompoundedAnnual Percentage Yield (APY)Minimum
Classic Savings0.05% Compounded Quarterly0.05%$0
AccountCompoundedAnnual Percentage Yield (APY)Minimum
Premier Checking0.0% Compounded Monthly0.0%$500
AccountCompoundedAnnual Percentage Yield (APY)Minimum
Golden Access Checking0.0% Compounded Monthly0.0%$500
AccountCompoundedAnnual Percentage Yield (APY)
Individual Retirement Account0.05% Compounded Monthly0.05%
AccountCompoundedAnnual Percentage Yield (APY)Minimum
Money Market0.05% Compounded Quarterly0.05%$0
Money Market0.10% Compounded Quarterly0.10%$2,500
Money Market0.15% Compounded Quarterly0.15%$20,000
Money Market0.20% Compounded Quarterly0.20%$75,000
Term$500 – $10,000$10,001 – $50,000$50,000 & Greater
 1 Year.70%.70%.70%.70%.70%.70%
 2 Year1.00%1.00%1.00%1.00%1.00%1.00%
 3 Year1.40%1.41%1.40%1.41%1.40%1.410%
 4 Year1.65%1.66%1.65%1.66%1.65%1.66%
 5 Year1.85%1.86%1.85%1.86%1.85%1.86%
Earnings may be reduced with early withdrawal.
Rates published are “best” available rates and may differ based on your financial situation. All rates on this page are quoted as the *Annual Percentage Yield (APY). Approved rates are based on credit worthiness, loan term, and/or collateral (if any). Rates are set by the Board of Directors and are typically updated weekly. Online rate schedule may not reflect most current rate changes and are subject to change without notice. Please verify rates with your local branch for complete accuracy. These rates are effective August 1, 2017.