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Checking, Savings, Teen & Youth Accounts.

East Idaho Credit Union has every financial account you could ask for.

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ind the perfect financial account for you! Whether it’s a checking account for your day to day life, a savings account to help you plan for your future, or even a start account for your children; East Idaho Credit Union makes it easy to start.


ake sure you choose the account that is right for you. If you have questions about which account is the best fit, contact your local branch and we would be happy to sit down and help you get started.


We have a wide variety of Checking Accounts to fit your needs and personality. Become a member of East Idaho Credit Union by opening your first checking account today!

When you need a place to secure and grow your money, use one of our personalized Savings Accounts. East Idaho Credit Union offers the best solution to your savings.

Our Credit Card services offer convenience, security and service. Backed by the reliability of Visa®, you know that East Idaho Credit Union has your best interests at heart.

  • Low non-variable rate on both purchases and cash advances

  • No annual fee

  • No cash advance fees

  • No ATM fees

  • 28-day grace period on new purchases

  • Use everywhere that Visa® credit cards are accepted

  • Security of Visa®

  • 1% fee charged for all international transactions.

Start to gain your independence and manage your own money with our support. Take the first step with our Teen Accounts.

  • Balance a checkbook

  • Learn how to budget and plan ahead

  • Plan a future auto loan

  • Manage credit effectively

  • Understand financial terms

Help your child learn about the value of money and how to manage it correctly. Teach them using one of our Youth Accounts.

  • Get help from East Idaho Credit Union

  • Help them learn saving can be fun!

  • Understand how to help them learn